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Iraqi Media House, one of the first Iraqi companies in the field of broadcasting, Media production. We are distinguished by providing media services to every channel and media institution as required, based on our expertise – the experience of our employees – and relying on the best experiences over two decades. These solutions that we offer suit the channel, institutions and media,

In our company, we provide our customers with a unique and integrated diversity of media services and technical support services. These services are provided in a professional, distinguished and experienced manner to ensure that all the needs of our customers are met to achieve excellence in their business. Thus, our challenges and our contribution to building a distinguished management and system for our customers represent an added value for them and ensure the sustainability of their business in a wonderful way.


Our harmony with modern changes and modern technology has made us able to provide various solutions to our customers in line with their needs in any country and whatever the distances. Exploiting and investing in the great development in various communication technologies to reach anywhere in the world in a practical and effective way. The world has become a small village thanks to these modern technologies

Partnership principle

We have successfully earned the trust of a broad customer base, pride ourselves on the highest customer retention rates, and proudly strive to maintain or increase the outstanding customer retention rate of 98% of our clients. Our business principle is that our customers are like our partners and we are very keen to please and retain them.

What distinguishes our company

Over the past two decades and up to the present day, we have been able to build our distinction through many deep things and great challenges that have made us distinct from others ... What is the secret of our success?

Keeping the promise

As a company that follows the highest levels of professionalism, we do not seek to sign more contracts as much as we aspire to create sustainable partnerships with our customers, and for this reason we are keen to meet customer expectations by balancing innovative ideas with realistic goals while we work hard to improve and continue our standards.

The holistic view

Since we are the best satellite TV production company in Iraq, which provides an integrated circuit of institutional, digital, traditional and direct solutions under one roof, we have an outstanding ability to translate challenges into solutions that we offer to our customers in more than 6 Arab and international countries.

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